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Golden Guardians Acquire Yuri "Keith" Jew from Cloud9

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Golden Guardians (GGS), the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) affiliate of the Golden State Warriors, have acquired AD carry Yuri “Keith” Jew from Cloud9 in exchange for Matthew “Deftly” Chen, the team announced today. Jew will play the remainder of the 2019 Summer Split playing alongside support Joo-Sung “Olleh” Kim on the Golden Guardians Academy team.

Jew, a San Leandro native, has spent the last two seasons playing AD Carry on Cloud9’s LCS and Academy teams after spending time with Echo Fox, CLG Black, Cloud9 Challenger, Team Solo Mid (TSM), Team Liquid and Team Liquid’s Academy team. During C9 Academy’s Spring Split playoff matchup against TSM, Jew earned a pentakill and finished the match with 11 kills, three deaths and three assists.

Chen spent the first two years of his professional career with the Golden Guardians, finishing as runner-up for Rookie of the Split honors in Spring 2018 and leading the league in KDA in Summer 2018 with a kill/death/assist ratio of 7.5.

The Golden Guardians are the LCS affiliate team of the Golden State Warriors. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game where two teams of five players battle on Summoner’s Rift with the goal of destroying the heart of the opposing team’s base, known as the nexus, to achieve victory. League of Legends esports games are broadcast live to millions of fans in 18 different languages across the globe, with viewership of the regular season averaging 90 million hours-watched live, week-over-week worldwide.

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